Workshop 1: Vibrac Satellite Symposium y el sábado
June 7th, 9.00 am 

Vibroacoustic Therapy in a Medical Setting - Planning, Clinical Practice, and Evaluation
June 9th , 09.10am

    Esa Ala-Ruona, PhD, is a music therapist and psychotherapist working as a senior researcher at the Music Therapy Clinic for Research and Training, at University of Jyväskylä. His research interests lie in music therapy assessment and evaluation, and in studying musical interaction and clinical processes in improvisational psychodynamic music therapy. In addition to this he is interested in rehabilitation progress and outcomes of stroke patients in active music therapy. He is the co-founder of the Skille-Lehikoinen VIBRAC Centre for Vibroacoustic Therapy and Research, and the first extensive training on Vibroacoustic therapy (VAT) in Finland, and he has been developing and studying the possibilities of VAT in specialised healthcare. Currently, he is the president of European Music Therapy Confederation (EMTC). He regularly gives lectures and workshops on music therapy, both nationally and internationally.


Music Therapy for Neurorehabilitation in Patients with Parkinson's Disease 
June 9th , 09.50 am

    Music Therapy and Music professor and researcher at the School of Music and Performing Arts (EMAC) of Federal University of Goiás (UFG), Brazil;  PhD in Health Sciences (UFG); Master in Music (UFG); Post-Graduated in Neuropsychological Rehabilitation at University of São Paulo, Brazil (USP); Post-Graduated in  Labor Low (UFG); Graduated in Music Therapy (EMAC/UFG); Bachelor in piano (UFG); Gratuated in Music (UFG); Neurologic Music Therapist  (Center for Biomedical Research in Music - Colorado State University). Invited lecturer in courses, wokshops and conferences related to music, neurology and  psychology. Publisher of different articles and book chapters related to music, music therapy and neuroscience, with emphasis on cognition.

Music-emotional Behaviour in Schizophrenic Patients – From Basic Research to Applied Music Therapy
June 9th, 09:50 pm

    Susanne Bauer is professor for music therapy and director of the master programme of Music Therapy at the University of the Arts in Berlin Career College. She is psychologist, certified music therapist and family therapist. Her principle research areas are perception and non verbal expression of emotions in schizophrenia, vocal expression in the therapeutic context and group music therapy for adults with Asperger Syndrome. Susanne Bauer lived in Santiago de Chile for almost twenty years where she cofounded, designed and directed the postgraduate music therapy programme at the Faculty of Arts at the University of Chile in Santiago from 1999 to 2009. Susanne.Bauer is working as a clinical music therapist in a psychosomatic clinic in Berlin. She is a member of the Deutsche Musiktherapeutische Gesellschaft (DMtG), the Asociación Chilena de Musicoterapia (AChiM) and the Society for Psychotherapy Research (SPR).


Developing Research in Hospitals in Peru

June 8th 12.30 pm

    Erik Baumann MMT was born in Lima, Peru, where he earned his bachelor degree in clinical psychology. There he worked as a psychotherapist, and was involved in several community development projects with at-risk populations. He subsequently earned his Music Therapy Masters degree from Universitat de Barcelona, Spain, where he focused his music therapy training on the childparent bond. He then moved to New York for approximately three years, in which he was heavily involved in such areas as oncology, palliative care, and in his role as an International Research Scholar at the Louis Armstrong Center for Music and Medicine. Erik has now relocated to his home city of Lima, where he is currently working towards developing the field of music therapy in Peru. He has a private practice, and collaborates with Polila, an Art-Therapy Center, where he works with clients of all ages using a music-psychotherapy approach, and is the Director of Musicoterapia Peru, a group of colleagues, with whom he is developing what will become the first ever music therapy service in a hospital in Lima. In order to create awareness of music therapy, he has participated in conferences and given workshops throughout Lima. He has been featured in several Peruvian newspaper articles, TV-appearances and in the upcoming documentary The Worldwide Music Therapy Project. He is a published writer and has presented his work in Spain, Sweden, New York, China and Peru. He is also the Production Editor for the Journal of Music and Medicine, and a member of the Board of Directors of the International Association for Music and Medicine. When not working as a music therapist, Erik dedicates his passion for music as a musician. He has been invited to play with foreign acts that have visited his country and is a member of some of Lima’s most renowned indie rock bands.


Music, Vibration, Frequencies - the Stuff the Universe is Made Off
June 9th, 8:30 am

    Vera Brandes is IAMM’s VP Conferences (International Association for Music and Medicine, New York, USA), Director of the Research Program for Music-Medicine at Paracelsus Medical University, Salzburg, Austria and certified music therapist registered with the Federal Ministry of Health, Austria. She is also board member of I.M.A.R.A.A. (International Music and Arts Research Association Austria), program council to the Human Health Project and member of the scientific advisory board of the Fritz Albert Popp Institute. Vera Brandes was one of the co-founders of the Science Network Man and Music at the University Mozarteum, Salzburg and vice-president of the non profit organization saludArt. She was international program director of the Mozart&Science conferences 2006, 2008 and 2010. Since 1995, she has been committed to the integration of music in medical therapy and prevention. Since 1999 she organized advanced trainings for medical doctors and therapists in Neurodevelopmental Auditory Training. From 2001 to 2003, she lectured on culture & media at the University for Applied Sciences in Salzburg, Austria. She co-initiated and co- organized the congress “in:fusion – New Qualities in Healthcare”. She is also CSO of SANOSON in Vienna, Austria and developed sanumeda, a patient dedicated hospital radio channel (in close cooperation with Tom Doch) and I-MAT © (Individualized Music-focussed Audio Therapies) for the treatment of psychosomatic disorders. She has published numerous articles, and presents at international conferences. Before she began her career in science, Brandes was an award-winning music producer and record company owner. Between 1974 and 1999 she released more than 350 CDs featuring a broad spectrum of international artists and promoted a multitude of concerts, tours and festivals. In 1994, she received the award for the Most Creative and Innovative Company in music and media in Germany from the Ministry of Economics. In 2012 she released the documentary ‘Solar Revolution‘ which introduced the work of biophysicist Dieter Broers and many known scientists in the field of consciousness research. Book publications: “Music that works: Contributions of Biology, Neurophysiology, Psychology, Sociology, Medicine and Musicology” (English) (Co-Editor: Roland Haas; Springer Vienna, New York, 2009) “Life in Rhythm” (“Leben im Rhythmus”), (only available in German), (Co- Author Christian Salvesen; O.W. Barth Verlag, Munich, 2006).


Round Table MT & its Implementation in the Hospitals and Day Centers 
 June 9th, 4.30 pm

    I'm Mauro Cabral, I'm a psychologist. I did my degree research about the music therapy and from that moment I turned completely to the knowledge and practice of this discipline. I studied the Master in Musical Therapy at the University of Barcelona, thanks to which many doors were opened that have brought me here today. In the last 4 years I have been able to make important experiences in the field of community music therapy, in the work of early stimulation, in special needs and in geriatrics, but my main development as a professional has been in Community Rehabilitation Services, with people with different mental health diseases.


Workshop 1 - VIBRAC Satellite Symposium
June 7th - 9:00 am


    Elsa Campbell holds a Master's degree in Music Therapy and is currently a music therapy doctoral student at the Finnish Centre for Interdisciplinary Music Research, Department of Music, Art and Culture Studies, University of Jyväskylä, Finland. Her previous studies were in classical music performance and German, with study year in Vienna, Austria, with these same subjects. Her doctoral research lies in the field of music medicine, more specifically Vibroaacoustic Treatment for chronic pain management and mood disorder comorbidities. She is also coordinator of the VIBRAC Skille- Lehikoinen Centre for Vibroacoustic Therapy and Research, based in Finland, which offers training to become a certified VIBRAC-practitioner. She was one of the main organisers of the 1st International VIBRAC conference which took place in October 2016 in Finland, as well as the coordinator of the first international, English-language trainings in vibroacoustic practice


Environmental Music Threrapy: An Improviaitional Construct to Modulate Patients' and Cinical Staff's Perception of Hospital Spaces June 
8th 1.00pm

    Bernardo Canga, MMT is a Music Therapist at the Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters in the Department of Pediatrics at Eastern Virginia Medical School, Norfolk, USA and at the Neuro and Burn/Trauma Intensive Care Units at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital. He holds a Master Degree in Music Therapy from the Pontifical University of Salamanca, Spain, and completed a Clinical Music Therapy Fellowship at Mount Sinai Beth Israel under the direction of Dr. Joanne Loewy. He has published in medical and music therapy journals, lectures regularly in national and international symposiums, and is a member of various editorial boards of medical and music therapy journals. His research interests are currently Music Therapy and neonatal pain. He has a strong professional focus on international health, specifically in Latin America. As an International Medical Educator for Physicians for Peace, he implemented training in Music Therapy and Pediatric Burn Care in the Dominican Republic in 2015 and is working to integrate Music Therapy in neonatal intensive care units in Central America as an effective method to improve neonatal morbidity.


Voice of the Dying: Clinical Case Study of Current Themes in Palliative Care.

June 9th 12.30 pm

    Dr. Clements-Cortés is Assistant Professor, University of Toronto, Music and Health Research Collaboratory; Music Therapy Instructor & Graduate Supervisor, Wilfrid Laurier University; Academic Coordinator and Instructor, Ryerson Chang School; Registered Psychotherapist, and Certified Music Therapist, with advanced credentials FAMI and NMT. Clements-Cortés is President of the World Federation of Music Therapy, and Managing Editor of Music and Medicine. She has served as a President and Internship Chair for the Canadian Association for Music Therapy (CAMT); Conference Chair, CAMT 2014; and Conference Co-chair for IAMM Canada 2014. She has given over 100 academic and invited presentations at conferences throughout the world including: the World Congress of Music Therapy, and the International Association for Music and Medicine. Clements-Cortés' scholarly writings have been published in Music and Medicine, Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, Journal of Music Therapy, Music Therapy Perspectives, Barcelona Publications, Sage Encyclopedias, and the American Journal of Hospice and Palliative Medicine. She currently serves on the editorial review board of Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, Music Therapy Perspectives, Journal of Music Therapy, Voices, and Austin Palliative.


Integrating Musictherapy in Medicine. A necessary conceptual review.

 June 8th, 12.30 pm


    Specialized in Preventive Medicine, Postgraduate in Human Resource Management, Occupational Health Management, and others. Master in Strategic Brief Psychotherapy and postgraduates in Transactional Analysis, Relational Integrative Psychotherapy, and others. Extensive formation in therapeutic intervention in grief processes. Received formation in several complementary therapies.

    -Applying Preventive Medicine to the area of primary care-.- Creating a Model of Predictive Medicine based on self-responsibility- .-Integration of Occupational Health and Human Resource Management-.- Analysis of absenteeism and functional workforce planning-.- Analysis of risks, employee satisfaction, and professional profiles-. Preliminary drafts in:-Analysis for reduction of sanitary demand and costs.-.- Geobiopathology and Applied Physics Investigation Unit. Creation of the first Coordination and Grief Attention Unit that includes protocols of post-mortem processes, intervention in conflicts and prevention of complaints. Created the first project in Spain on traceability on gestational losses, neonatology and adults.

    Intense teaching activity after and before University studies of Medicine. Participate since the past 3 years in 4 lectures within the Master in Music Therapy from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.


Mesa Redonda MT y su implementación en los hospitales y centros de día

 June 9th, 4.30 pm


    Doctor in Medicine, Director of Radiotherapy &Oncology Service of the Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau, where he has also been president of the Cos Facultatiu, of the Tumors Commission and of the Committee of Ethical Assistance.
    He has the European Diploma in Radiotherapy and Oncology, which is the greatest European accreditation of speciality.
    He has been the founder and first president of the Spanish Society of Oncology and Radiotherapy, and he received the Golden Medal of this Society. He also was president of The Federation of Spanish Oncology Societies.
    In the Medical Council of Barcelona from 2004 to 2011 was member of the Deontological Commission and, since 2011 until 2018, has been member of the Government Board of the Medical Council. It is also Member of the International Cooperation Section. In 2004, he received the Premi a l'Excel • lència, Professional Award. Since 2011 he has been the director of the Choir of the Council, which currently includes 60 singers. Every year they do 12 concerts for charitable institutions as Association Against the Cancer of Catalonia and also the Teatre del Liceu, Palau de la Música or the Auditori of Barcelona, and cultural centers of Girona, Vic, Terrassa and Düsseldorf.
    He is Professor of Medicine at the UAB and professor of Bioethics at the Borja Institute of Bioethics. Currently he is vice-rector of the Catalan University of Summer.
    As a musician, he began the training with his grandfather, the composer and conductor of orchestra Ricard Lamote de Grignon and the musical studies at the Conservatoire in Barcelona.
    He studied choral conducting with Maestro Ernest Cervera and, later, was singer in Cor Madrigal and pupil of Maestro Manuel Cabero..


Music Therapy in Neonatology : Music With Another Look. June 8th 12:00pm



    María J Del Olmo is Graduated in Musical Pedagogy, Royal Conservatory (Madrid). Degree as Music Therapist, Center for Music Therapy Research MI- CIM (Bilbao). Expert in RBL program (rhythm, breathing and lullabies) Albert Einstein College of Medicine. The Louis Armstrong Center for Music & Medicine. Beth Israel Hospital, NY.
    Professor in the Music Department at Universidad Autonoma, Madrid. Director of the Music Therapy Master Degree at Universidad Autonoma, Madrid. Collaborates with different training programs in several Spanish and foreign universities. Director of the Music Therapy Program at La Paz Hospital, Madrid. Chairperson of the Music Therapy and Health Foundation, Spain.


Effects of Music Interventions on Stress-related Outcomes
June 9th, 8:30 am

    Martina de Witte, MA, MT-BC, NMT, is lecturer and researcher in Music Therapy and coordinator of Research & Innovation at the Institution of Arts Therapies of HAN University of Applied Sciences in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. She is a senior certified music therapist at STEVIG (The Netherlands); a mental health institution for psychiatric treatment to people with mild intellectual disabilities. In partnership with the University of Amsterdam and the research group KenVak, she is running a PhD program. Her PhD program is focused on the effect of music (therapy) on arousal regulation in people with mild intellectual disabilities and stress related problems. The meta-analysis which is central in this presentation is one of the studies of this PhD program and offers a comprehensive overview of the effect of music interventions on stress regulation. Main focus of her work is to bring together the latest scientific evidence about the effects of music on stress regulation with everyday practice of music therapists and other professionals.


Music Therapy Improves The Mood of Patients Undergoing Hematopoietic Stem Cells Transplantation
June 8th 5.10 pm

    Musician and Music Therapist Since 2013 he develops research related to hospital music therapy. Currently works in a research of music therapy with autologous patients submitted to bone marrow transplantation at the Erasto Gaertner Hospital in Curitiba Paraná Brazil, as a doctor's thesis. He studied at Estadual University of Paraná campus II Faculty of Arts of Paraná, Degree in Music Therapy (1999) and Master's Degree of the Post-Graduate in Internal Medicine (2016) Clinical Hospital Complex of the Federal University of Paraná. PhD Student of the Post-Graduate in Internal Medicine (2017) in progress .

    Oral Presentation of research “Music Therapy Improves the Mood of the Patients Undergoing Hematopoietic Stem Cells Transplantation” at University Estadual of Parana Unespar campus II for Graduate Students in Music Therapy on April 4, 2017 duration 2 hours.

    Oral Presentation Workshop “Music therapy in the hospital environment” for students Master Graduate in Music Therapy at University of Barcelona – Barcelona City Spain may 12, 2017 duration 4 hours. Oral Presentation “Music Therapy Improves the Mood of the Patients Undergoing Hematopoietic Stem Cells Transplantation” for students Medicine at Hospital del Mar of the University of Barcelona – Barcelona City Spain may 15, 2017 duration 1 hour.

    Oral Presentation “Music Therapy Improves the Mood of the Patients Undergoing Hematopoietic Stem Cells Transplantation” for Graduate Students of Nursing” at Hospital Del Mar of the University of Barcelona – Barcelona City Spain may 19, 2017 duration 1 hour.

    Main Oral Presentations ins 2017
    Oral Presentation of Research “Music Therapy Improves the Mood of the Patients Undergoing Hematopoietic Stem Cells Transplantation” in the 2nd International Workshop on Quantitative and Qualitative Music Therapy Research at University Pompeu Fabra – Barcelona City Spain may 26, 2017 duration 30 min.
    Oral Presentation of Research “Music Therapy Improves the Mood of the Patients Undergoing Hematopoietic Stem Cells Transplantation” for student Psychology at Positive University in Curitiba City Duration 1H30m in September 14, 2017.


Facilitating Attachment and Reciprocity in Music Therapy for Parents and Infants.
June 8th 08.30am


    Jane Edwards is President Emeritus of the International Association for Music & Medicine. She is a founding member of IAMM, and served on the Board of Directors for 7 years. She is an experienced music therapy academic and clinician with expertise in child and family mental health. Since 2015 she has been Editor-in- Chief for The Arts in Psychotherapy. Jane was the sole editor of The Oxford Handbook of Music Therapy, a 50 chapter textbook with contributors from 7 countries. She previously edited the OUP book Music Therapy and Parent Infant Bonding.

Music Therapy Songwriting in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) - A Family-centred approach
June 8th 1.00pm

    Mark is an Ethno-Music therapist trained in Vienna, Austria. He holds a PhD in Music Therapy from Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, UK and obtained his training as a Neonatal Music Therapist at the Louis Armstrong Center for Music & Medicine in New York, United States. He holds a M.A. in Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution from the UNESCO Chair of Philosophy for Peace, University Jaume I, Castellón, Spain. He currently lives and works in Colombia, where he is the director of SONO – Centro de Musicoterapia ( and a lecturer at the M.A. in Music Therapy at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia. He coordinates the Music Therapy Department at the Hospital Fundación Santa Fe, the Hospital Clínica de la Mujer and the Hospital Centro Policlínico del Olaya and is a music therapist in private practice.


Music and Medicine in Padua 2015-2017. The conferences PerSona - "Voice and personal identity" and "Voices and Sounds inside and outside us
June 8th 09.10

    Francesco Facchin teaches Choir Conducting and Choir repertoire in the Department of Music Education at the State Music Conservatorium in Padua and Professor of Music Therapy in the Degree of Speech Pathology. From 2000 until 2001 he was fellow at Harvard University - Center for Italian Renaissance Studies "Villa i Tatti". His Research focuses on the European vocal music of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance period and he is also interested in the use of music as part of specialized education (Music with people with special needs) and the use of music with deaf children and teenager and in the speech and hearing and language disorders.


Clinical Music Therapy in Special Educational Needs
June 9th 9.50am



    Prof. Silvio Luigi Feliciani MA, DMus, D.M.A., Ed.D., is composer, pianist, music therapist with a Master’s degree in Sociology. Currently he is Head of the Music Therapy Deparment in the State Conservatory of Music in Pescara (Italy). He is also Professor in piano repertoire and performance practice and Adjunct Professor in applied music therapy, theory methods and history of music therapy and digital processing of mixer sound.

    He was director of several State Conservatories of Music for nearly 10 years. He is the author of musicological essays, a manual about VAT (Vibro Acoustic Music Therapy) and numerous musical compositions published by Berben, Edipan, Ruggimenti. A significant bibliography S.Feliciani is available on Wikipedia. In 1989 he was included in the Guinness Records European because he performed (in 19 hours and 55 minutes, first in Europe and fourth in the world) the entire execution of the poem piano Vexation (E. Satie).

    In 1998 he received the Distinguished Leadership Award by the American Biographical Institute to career.

    His students of music therapy are appreciated around the world thanks to the academic preparation, for the interest and the passion at the practice of music therapy and for the collaboration with the music therapy schools around the world.


Turning ​My ​W​ounds into ​T​hunder: Abused ​W​omen ​R​ebuild ​T​heir ​i​dentity through ​S​ound.
June 8th 12.00 pm

    Ph.D. in Psychology and Music therapist. Founder of the Cuban Association of Music Therapists and Chairwoman until 2014. Founder of the Latin American Music Therapy Committee (CLAM). For more than two-decades she’s been Professor-Researcher at the Cultural Studies Departement at El Colegio de la Frontera Norte (Baja California, Mexico), and is part of the National System of Mexican Researchers (SNI) and the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba. Adviser of music therapy and art therapy against violence, in universities in Cuba, Dominican Republic and Mexico. Author of 49 international publications about music therapy, art therapy, violence, education and health.


Evaluación e Intervenciones musicoterapéuticas para pacientes adultos en áreas criticas.
June 8th 16.30pm


    Karina Daniela Ferrari. Trained in music therapy at the Faculty of Medicine University del Salvador, Argentina. Professor at the University of Buenos Aires. Head of Music Therapy at the San José Sanatorium and Teodoro Álvarez Hospital, in Buenos Aires Argentina, where she coordinates teams in the areas of medical clinic, intensive care, neonatology, obstetrics, cardiology and mental health. Author of the book "Music Therapy. Aspects of systematization and evaluation of clinical practice ". Founder of the Ibero-American Research Group on Music Therapy. For more than a decade he has been dedicated to research in the areas of evaluation in music therapy, offering courses in Latin America and Europe

The Ronnie Gardiner Method (RGM), a structured and multisensory way to stimulate body and mind through the rhythm of music
June 10th, 11:00 am

    Oscar Estibalez (1959), guitarist and physiotherapist is RGM Master Practitioner and he is the organizer and ambassador of RGM in Spain. During the last 2 years he is using the method in patients with stroke, Parkinson's disease, autism and healthy active aging groups. Recently, RGM Barcelona has begun to make training courses for therapists.

    Ronnie Gardiner (1932), resident in Stockholm (Sweden), is a well-known drummer who has played with important jazz musicians such as Gerry Mulligan, Benny Carter, Dexter Gordon or Dizzy Gillespie, among many others. He is the creator of the Ronnie Gardiner Method (RGM), a stimulation system for the brain through the involvement of body movement, voice and sight. For more than 30 years, RGM has shown motor, cognitive and socialization benefits that have been the subject of study in several clinical trials carried out in Sweden with stroke and Parkinson patients. It is because his contribution of the approach to rehabilitation in neurological problems for what he was awarded with the Saint Erik medal (2001) and the Mensa prize (2015).


Workshop: Inner Travel Through Imagination and Musical Hearing: Experiential Workshop of the GIM MT Method .
June 10th, 11:00am

    Mrs. Amelia Gil Caballero. Music therapist by the university master of the Catholic University of Valencia "San Vicente Mártir". Specialist in BMGIM by "Atlantis Institute" USA in formation. Music therapist in "Musiadapta Stimulation Center", Sevilla.


Round Table MT & its Implementation in the Hospitals and Day Centers.
June 9th, 15:00am

Workshop 6 : Community MT
June 10th, 08.30am

    Pau Gimeno is a musician, Music Degree in the Conservatori Superior Música de Barcelona (Percussion) MA in Music Therapy (University Ramon Llull facultat psicologia Blanquerna) MA in society of information and communication (Open University of Catalonia) Phd Student in the University of Barcelona ( Education and Society ) He works as a professor at the University of Barcelona faculty of education and masters degree of music therapy, as a music tehrapyst in different units of a Psychiatric hospital and the community recovery services of Parc Sanitari of sant Joan de Déu. He also works in Prisons and similar forensic settings.


Workshop 10: MED-GIM: Adaptations of the Bonny Method and Its Applications in Medical Setting.

June 10th, 1:00pm


    Dr. Maria Montserrat Gimeno is an Associate Professor in the Music Therapy Program at the State University of New York (SUNY) at New Paltz. She was born in Barcelona, Spain, where she worked as a nurse for several years. She moved to the United States in 1993. Since then, she has completed her Bachelor’s in Music Therapy at Willamette University, as well as a Master’s of Art and Doctorate in Counseling Psychology from the University of the Pacific in Stockton, California. She is also trained in the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music. Dr. Gimeno is known both nationally and internationally for her research on the use of Music and Imagery (MI) in medical settings and has taught MI courses in the United States, Spain, China, South Korea, Finland, Canada, Austria, Japan, and India.


Contributions of the MT to the Recovery of Eating Disorders.

June 9th 08.30 am

    Lic. Diana Guelar – Directora de Fundación La Casita.
    Co-Director of: “La Casita”: Center for the Attention and Prevention for Adolescents and Young People”, since 1995, specialized in Eating Disorders.
    Graduated in Psychology at the University of Barcelona, Spain (1982).
    Fullbright Grant Holder and Resident at the Brief Therapy Center of the Mental Research Institute (MRI), Palo Alto, California, USA. (1983/1984).
    Co-Founder and Director of the “Brief Therapy Center of Barcelona” (1990-1994). Professor at the University of Barcelona – Máster de Musicoterapia.
    Therapist (since 1984) at the “Centro Privado de Psicoterapias de Bs.As.” (CPP) Directed by Lic. Hugo Hirsch, and part of the Team of the “Eating Disorders Center” (CTC) at CPP during 1985-1990.

    Co-author of the books: - “Trastornos del comer. Terapia estratégica e intervenciones para el cambio” (Ed. Herder, Barcelona, 1994). -  “Anorexia y bulimia lo que hay que saber. Un mapa para recorrer un territorio trastornado” (Ed. Gedisa, Barcelona, 1996). -  “Adolescencia y trastornos del comer. Una guía para un tiempo de cambio para adolescentes, padres y educadores” (Ed. Gedisa,  Barcelona. 2000). - “Adolescencia: manual de supervivencia. Tiempo de Padres. Tiempo de Hijos” (Ed. Gedisa, Barcelona. 2002). - “Madres Perfectamente Imperfectas. Cómo salir de la trampa de la madre ideal” (Ed. Planeta, Bs.As. 2014).


Round Table Music & Medicine.

June 9th, 4.30 pm


    PhD in Clinical Psychology and Psychopathology ; Research Unit EA4056, Paris V-René
    Descartes University
    · INSERM U1061, Centre for Memory Resources and Research, Montpellier University Hospital
    · Member of the French Society for the Study and Treatment of Pain (SFETD)
    · President and Founder of MUSIC CARE Research & Devolpement
    Since 1999, Stéphane Guétin, a music therapist who holds a PhD in Clinical Psychology, has been focusing his efforts on evaluating the benefits of music therapy by conducting numerous clinical research studies that have been published in international journals.
    After establishing the Association of Music therapy Application and Clinical Research (AMARC) in 2003, Dr. Stéphane Guétin created the company MUSIC CARE® in 2008. In partnership with Montpellier University Hospital (INSERM U1061), MUSIC CARE® has developed innovative music therapy and music intervention solutions that can effectively relieve pain, anxiety and depression in hospitalised patients.


Everyday Ethics: Identifying the Impact of Ethical Decision-Making on the Delivery of Compassionate Clinical Care June 8th 09.10 am


    Ann Hannan, MT-BC, has been the director of the Riley Cheer Guild and Music Therapy Programs at Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health, since February 2016. She has over 16 years of pediatric music therapy clinical expertise with a special focus on neonatal and infant intervention. She has presented at local, state, regional, and national conferences on topics such as infant development and bonding, family-centered care practices, professional collaboration, clinical service triage methods, music therapy program development, music therapy advocacy, medical ethics, and professional self-care. Ann supervises the pediatric music therapy clinicians at Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis, Indiana and serves on various hospital-based committees with a special focus on enhancing the hospital experience for patients, their families, and the staff who care for them.


Managing Stress and Pain Through Music Therapy June 8th, 09.10 am


    Prof. Dr. Suzanne B. Hanser, MT-BC is Chair Emerita & Professor of Music Therapy at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. She is Past President of the World Federation of Music Therapy and National Association for Music Therapy, and Secretary of IAMM. Hanser established the music therapy program at the Leonard P. Zakim Center for Integrative Therapies at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, and has published more than 30 research papers on music therapy. Dr. Hanser is the author of  Integrative Health through Music Therapy: Accompanying the Journey from Illness to Wellness,  New Music Therapist's Handbook, and co-author of Manage Your Stress and Pain, book and CD, with Dr. Susan Mandel. She is the recipient of a National Research Service Award from NIA, the Sage Publications Prize for her article in Music & Medicine, and the American Music Therapy Association’s Lifetime Achievement Award. With Annette Philip, she developed a MOOC: Music for Wellness: An Integrative Approach on the Edx platform. Michio’s Musings is one of her piano compositions inspired by meditations on the art of Michio Iwata. She has also recorded A Contemplation Garden of Music.


Music-centered Music Therapy for Acquired Brain Injury Rehabilitation.

June 9th, 01.00 pm



    Marcela Lichtensztejn, MT-BC, NRMT, LCAT is the Founding Director of APEM Vanguardia en Artes Aplicadas, Ciencia y Salud, interdisciplinary creative arts therapies and traditional therapies program, in Argentina. In addition, she created and developed the area of music and neurodevelopment in Panaacea, a non for profit program for children with autism in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is the current Regional Liaison for Latin America for the World Federation of Music Therapy. Ms. Lichtensztejn is a music therapist, piano performer and music educator. Originally from Argentina, she gained her graduate degree in Music Therapy and her Advanced Certification in Nordoff-Robbins approach at New York University, and joined the Institute for Music and Neurologic Function and the Louis Armstrong Department of Music Therapy teams among others. Her areas of clinical and research expertise are children and adults with acquired and degenerative neurological conditions with emphasis in disorders of consciousness, cognitive impairment, speech and movement disorders, musicians with emotional challenges, family support and supervision. Ms. Lichtensztejn speaks internationally on her developments on Nordoff-Robbins music therapy in neurorehabilitation, brain and music processing, the effects of music in neurodevelopment, in cognitive function and in quality of life. She serves on the editorial board of both peer reviewed journals ‘Music and Medicine’ and ‘Revista Brasileira de Musicoterapia’. She has authored the book “Music and Medicine: The specialized application of music in health care” (Ediciones Elemento, 2009, Bs. As.), and several book chapters and journal articles on music therapy in neurorehabilitation and neurodevelopment.


Workshop: Music Psychotherapy Approaches in Treating Pain - Assessment and Treatment
June 7th, 1:30 pm

​Music Therapy Research in Medical Settings and its Relationship to Clinical Interventions

  June 8th, 8:30 am

    Joanne Loewy DA, LCAT, MT-BC is the founding Director of the Louis Armstrong Center for Music and Medicine at Mount Sinai Health System. The Louis Armstrong Center is serving musicians and their unique ailments including chronic fatigue, chemical dependency, performance anxiety and overuse. It also serves children with developmental delays, teens with emotional issues, adults with neurological disorders and all ages of patients with asthma and COPD. Loewy oversees the Department of Music Therapy which she started at Beth Israel in 1994. Dr Loewy has conducted research in sedation, assessment, pain, asthma and NICU music therapy. Her areas of specialty are assessment, hermeneutic research, trauma and supervision. Dr. Loewy is the Editor in Chief of the international, peer reviewed journal 'Music and Medicine' and serves on several editorial boards including the Cochrane Palliative Care review and the Journal for Complementary and Alternative Medicine. She received her doctorate from NYU. Dr Loewy has edited several books including Music Therapy in Pediatric Pain, Music Therapy in the NICU, and she co-edited Music Therapy at End of Life and Caring for the Caregiver: Music Therapy in Grief and Trauma and the new Integrative Advances in Music and Medicine: Music, the Breath and Health. Dr. Loewy is a Founding Member of the International Association for Music and Medicine and she teaches at Hahnemann Creative Arts Therapy graduate music therapy program at Drexel University in Philadelphia and at the University of Barcelona.

Round Table MT & Medicine in Spain, New Challenges

June 9th, 4:30 pm

    Professional Violin player at different symphonic and camera orchestras for many years (1982- 1996).
    Music Therapy Studies at the Master Program of New York University (1992-1995) Clinical Work from 1996 (Handicapped children and Adults, Alzheimer ́s Disease, Pain Unit and Palliative Care Unit at the Hospital La Paz de Madrid), in Spain.
    RBL Trainning at Beth Israel Hospital for Neonatal patients ( Joanne Loewy, 2014 ) Coordinator and Teacher at the Music Therapy Programm at the Autonomous University of Madrid ( 2000-2018).
    Secretary of the Music Therapy and Health Fundation from 2011.
    Teacher and speaker at different Music Therapy Programs and Congress in Spain, Cambodia, Montenegro, etc...

    Lorenzo Vázquez, A (1999).La Improvisación Clínica: Método Nordoff-Robbins. Música, Terapia y Comunicación. Vol 19, pp 9-18 Lorenzo Vázquez, A (2000).Mi aportación a la Musicoterapia: Metodología y Práctica..
    Música, Terapia y Comunicación. Vol 20, pp 77-82 Lorenzo Vázquez, A (2000),. Modelo Humanista Transpersonal. En Fundamentos de Musicoterapia. Madrid: Editorial Morata Lorenzo Vázquez, A (2003 ). Musicoterapia Creativa.. Música, Terapia y Comunicación. Vol 23, pp 9-15- 19 Lorenzo Vázquez, A. (2010) Musicoterapia y Dolor: Visión General y estudio con un grupo de pacientes. En Musicoterapia en Medicina: Aplicaciones Prácticas. Barcelona: Médica Jims.
    Lorenzo, A., Del Olmo, MJ, Perea, A., Corbalán, M. (2010) About Music, Past and Present In Spain . SONUS,Vol 31 No 1.
    Lorenzo Vázquez, A. (2012) Musicoterapia con un grupo de adolescentes con Parálisis Cerebral. En Música, Musicoterapia y Discapacidad. Barcelona: Médica Jims.
    Lorenzo Vazquez, Alicia ( 2016 ) Revista Atopos, Salud Mental, comunidad y cultura ...Ediciones 3.0, SL
    Arias, M y Lorenzo, A. ( 2017). De la belleza como liberación: un estudio de Musicoterapia en pacientes con trastornos alimentarios. Revista de Investigación en Musicoterapia, 1, 127-150


Assessment in Music Therapy: Challenges, Realities and Opportunities

June 8th, 12:00 pm



    Wendy L. Magee PhD is Professor of Music Therapy at Temple University, Philadelphia, having practiced in neurological rehabilitation since 1988 as a music therapy clinician, researcher, manager and trainer (USA, UK, Ireland and Australia). She is widely published in peer-reviewed journals spanning neuroscience, medicine, rehabilitation, psychology, music therapy, music psychology and health sociology and is lead author on the recent Cochrane Review of music interventions for acquired brain injury. Her major research topics include music as a diagnostic and assessment tool for disorders of consciousness and other minimally responsive populations (end-stage dementia, end-stage terminal illness), measurement validation in other languages (Spanish, Mandarin) and the emerging theory and practice for incorporating digital music technologies in healthcare, with her edited book Music Technology in Therapeutic and Health Settings published by Jessica Kingsley Publications.

​Workshop: Inner Travel Through Imagination and Musical Hearing: Experiential Workshop of the GIM MT Method  June 10th, 11:00am

​Round Table: MT &; Medicine in Spain, new challenge  June 9th, 4:30pm

    PhD. Mr. Vicente Alejandro March Luján. Doctor by the Catholic University of Valencia "San Vicente Mártir" UCV. Specialist in group adaptation BMGIM method for patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). Director Master's Degree in Music Therapy UCV. Past President of the Spanish Federation of Music Therapy Associations FEAMT (2014-2017) and of the Valencian Association of Music Therapy AVMT (2011-2016). Music therapist specialist in BMGIM and technical in Benenzon Model.


Workshop: Soundpainting

June 7th, 9:00am




    Compositora, pianista y pedagoga. Titulación Superior de Música especialidad Jazz por ESMUC (Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya) entre otros méritos académicos.
    Coordinadora académica del Máster Musicoterapia de Universidad de Barcelona en el que imparte como docente de piano, improvisación, modelo Nordoff-Robbins, conjunto instrumental, workshop soundpainting, etc. desde hace quince años.
    Larga experiencia como profesora tanto en escuelas municipales y privadas como en el ámbito de Formación de formadores: cursos especializados, colaboración en diversos másteres de pedagogía y creación musical, intensivos en Conservatorios de música. Asimismo es autora de material didáctico (col. La meva música-Improvisación al piano vol. 1,2,3,4, también en castellano publicado en Boileau desde 2011) y en artículos de revistas especializadas (,…)
    Uno de los mayores intereses es entender la educación y la experiencia musical partiendo desde el mundo interior de la persona, y para ello cree en la improvisación como la mejor herramienta pedagógica. Es por tanto especialista en estrategias para fomentar la improvisación y la creatividad en todas las edades.
    Líder y componente en conjuntos instrumentales desde tríos a Big Band. Actuaciones en festivales y circuitos presentando álbumes en C.D con artistas reconocidos y al mismo tiempo es autora de bandas sonoras para documentales, publicidad, cortometrajes y largometrajes de directores de prestigio.
    Últimamente presenta su trabajo “Musicalización de emociones” enfocado tanto a profesionales de la musicoterapia como a músicos y profesores interesados en integrar la creatividad unida a enfoques humanistas.



Music Therapy, the Information and Communication Technologies and the Elderly.

June 8th, 9:50am


    Music Therapist and Post-Graduated in Behavioral Medicine (Unifesp). Currently is the coordinator of the Colmeia Therapeutic Space of Integrated Medicine and Researcher of the Department of Neurosurgery and Neurobehavioral Sciences of the Paulista School of Medicine (Unifesp). Worked as supervisor of the music therapy sector of the Association of Assistance to the Disabled Child (AACD) from 1995 to 2011; was president of the Brazilian Association of Cerebral Palsy (ABPC) from 2006 to 2009; has experience working with Neurological Deficits and Dementia.



Round Table: MT & Medicine in Spain, New Challenges

June, 9th 4:30pm

    Daniel Padilha was Born in Pirassununga, Brazil. In 2001, São Paulo, he earned his bachelor degree in Social communication and worked at the propaganda market creating and producing jingles and soundtracks. He also worked for several years to the phonographic industry recording and producing main stream artists from Brazil and the world, such as George Benson, Rita Lee, Sepultura, to name just a few. In 2007 he moved London, UK, where he started to use his musical abilities for healing and social work purposes. In 2016 he achieved his Master degree in Music therapy at the Barcelona University(UB). He now teaches music therapy at the Barcelona University and works as a Music therapist for many respected institutions in Spain such as Fundación Esclat and Fundación Art Transforma working with children that has Cerebral palsy, Autism and Down syndrome; Fundación Paliaclinic and Instituto Catalan de Musicoterapia in palliative care area, attending people from the main hospitals in the Barcelona area, such as, Vall d’Hebron, Can Ruti and Hospital del Mar;


Round Table: MT & Medicine in Spain, New Challenges

June, 9th 4:30pm

    Josep Planas MD PhD. Oncologist. Palliative Care Unit and Program of Music Therapy in Terminal Patients. Hospital del Mar. Barcelona. Associate Professor of Medicine. Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB). Member of the Board of Directors. IAMM


The Burnout in Music Therapists

June 8th 09.50 am

    Serafina Poch Blasco, RMT (AMTA).- Doctor in Philosophy and Arts (Psychology and Pedagogy).- Complutensis Universiy of Madrid (1972).- Bachelor on Arts(Psychology and Pedagogy, University of Barcelona (1964). - Music Therapy Internship at “Essex County Overbrook Hospital” Cedar Grove, N.J.(USA) (1966). Formation with Dr. Nordoff. (1966).-The University of Kansas: 3 hours graduate credit in MT (1975).- “International Study Group: Theory of Music Therapy”, Methodist University of Dallas (1979).- Fellow “195 Salzbourg Seminar on American Studies: The Music and the Arts…”(1980). Research on Music Therapy for the “Instituto Español de Musicología” del “Consejo Superior de Investrigaciones Científicas (CSIC) (1971-1975).- Founder of the first Master on MT in Spain at UB, Fac. of Medecina (1992-94); (1994-96) ; At the URL (BCN); At the UVA and at the UB-Les Heures until 2004. Professional work: NYU Medical Center(1966); Creedmoor State Hospital,NY,USA (1967-Gen. 1968) with Dr. Lauretta Bender: Autistic children. Instituto Psiquiàtrico “Tomas Dolsa”, BCN (1994-2000). Founder and Past Pres. of “Asociación Española de Musicoterapia” (AEMT) (1976-1982).- Founder and Past Pres. of the “Associació Catalana de Musicoteràpia “ (ACMT) (1983-2007).- Member of the “Cloister of Doctors” of UB. Autor of “Compendio de Musicoterapia” Vol. I and II. Herder, 1999, 2011.-“ Musicoterapia en Psiquiatría”,STADA,2009. And in Editorial Médica JIMS, 2013.


Music Therapy in the Treatment of Depression.

June 9th, 1:00 pm

    PhD. Marko Punkanen is a music therapist, dance/movement therapist, psychotherapist, psychotherapy trainer, certified sensorimotor psychotherapist® and trainer. He currently works as a music/dance-movement/psychotherapist and supervisor in private practice and as a trauma psychotherapy trainer in University of Oulu, and as a trainer in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute. He is actively involved with trauma psychotherapy, music therapy and dance/movement therapy training in Finland.
    He is the founder and director of the Nyanssi Therapy Centre, which offers music therapy, dance-movement therapy, psychotherapy, vibroaocustic therapy (VAT) and supervision services in Lahti Finland. He is the co-founder of the first extensive VAT/PA-training in Finland, and he has studied for example the possibilities of VAT in drug rehabilitation. He is also one of the founders of the VIBRAC - Skille- Lehikoinen Centre for Vibroacoustic Therapy and Research.
    2007-2011 Marko worked as a researcher in Finnish Centre of Excellence in Interdisciplinary Music Research in University of Jyväskylä. He was part of the research team, which investigated the perception and preferences of emotions in music by depressed patients and the efficacy of improvisational, individual music therapy for depression.


Round Table Music and Medicine

June 9th, 4:30

    Dr. Quentzel is triple board certified in psychiatry, family medicine and holistic/integrative medicine, and he practices clinically with a comprehensive view of the patient.  As Medical Director of the Louis Armstrong Center for Music and Medicine, where he provides clinical management of a unified bio-psycho- musical service geared to the health needs of musicians and performing artists, and as a private practitioner, all in New York City, he employs an "all things are connected" framework that integrates brain sciences and psychiatry with general medicine, psychology, philosophy and social analysis, ecology, preventive medicine, herbal pharmacology and nutritional studies, self-help orientation, and the healing power of relationship, all in pursuit of optimal broad health and happiness.

       Stephan Quentzel is a founding member of the International Association of Music and Medicine and an editorial reviewer for Music and Medicine journal. He is assistant clinical professor at the Icahn Mount Sinai School of Medicine and Mount Sinai Beth Israel Medical Center.

       Dr. Quentzel considers it a remarkable privilege to be a physician, he believes in a humanistic practice of medicine/psychiatry, and he hopes that he makes a difference.


​Workshop: Music Technology as a Tool for Music Therapy

June 7th, 11:30 am  

​Plenary Lecture: Music, Neuroscience and Technology for Health and Well-Being

June 7th, 05:00 pm

Workshop: Music Therapy and Applied Neuroscience

June 10th, 01:00 pm

    Dr. Rafael Ramirez is a Tenured Associate Professor and Leader of the Music and Machine Learning Lab at the Department of Information and Communication Technologies, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona. He obtained his BSc in Mathematics form the National Autonomous University of Mexico, and his MSc in Artificial Intelligence and PhD in Computer Science from the University of Bristol, UK. For five years, Rafael was a Lecturer in the Department of Computer Science at the School of Computing of the National University of Singapore. He is currently principal investigator in the H2020 Research and Innovation TELMI (Technology- Enhanced Learning of Music Instruments) project. His research interests include music technology, music thearpy, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and their application to cognition, creative processes, accessible and brain-computer Interfaces, and health and well- being. He has published more than 120 research articles in peer-reviewed international Journals and Conferences, and acted as guest-editor of several special issues focused on music  and artificial intelligence. He currently acts as chair and program committee member for several machine learning and music technology conferences.


​Workshop: Music Psychotherapy Approaches in Treating Pain - Assessment and Treatment

June 7th, 1:30 pm.

​Music Therapy Research in Medical Settings and its Relationship to Clinical Interventions

June 8th, 8:30 am.

​Environmental Music Threrapy: An Improviaitional Construct to Modulate Patients' and Cinical Staff's Perception of Hospital Spaces

June 8th 1.00pm.

    Andrew Rossetti is a clinical music psychotherapist, researcher, and coordinator of the multi-site music therapy program in radiology oncology at The Louis Armstrong Center for Music & Medicine at Mount Sinai Beth Israel Medical Center. He has developed several music therapy programs in hospitals both in the United States and in Spain. He is also on the faculty of Montclair State University. Andrew is the president of the NYC Regional Arts in Healthcare Group and serves on the Board of Directors of the International Association for Music & Medicine He has lectured on music therapy research and practice in Europe, Asia, Canada, and the United States. Andrew has a strong interest in further developing Environmental Music Therapy in fragile environments, and in using music psychotherapy to address trauma and the diverse challenges faced by people undergoing treatment for cancer. Andrew is currently a doctoral candidate in the music psychotherapy program at the University of Jyvaskyla.

MT in Professional Medical Literature: What Doctors See, June 8th, 5:50 pm  

    Dr. Erika Saito is a practicing physician in Tokyo, Japan. She earned her MD from Chiba University, her Ph.D. in Biochemistry from Tokyo University Graduate School of Medicine, and her M.A. in Music Therapy from NYU.  She is Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Respiratory Medicine, Clinical Oncology and Palliative Medicine. She is also a Board Certified Music Therapist (U.S.A.).  Dr. Saito previously taught respiratory medicine while practicing pulmonology and oncology at Saitama Medical University’s International Medical Center in Japan.  She has also practiced in the Palliative Care Dept. of St. Luke’s International Hospital (Tokyo), at the Tokyo Metropolitan Cancer and Infectious Disease Center, and in the Dept. of Geriatric Medicine at Tokyo University Hospital.  Musically, Dr. Saito has enjoyed training in classical and expressive piano since very early childhood, and she enjoys composing both classically and electronically.

Music Therapy in ICU: A Qualitative Research Focussed in Patients, Family Caregivers and Health Professionals. June 9th, 12:00 pm 

    Diego Salamanca is a Music teacher, Music Therapist and Gestalt Therapist. He has worked as Music Therapist with disabled children and elderlies for over than twenty years. He has also been working in several hospitals in Madrid (Spain) in units like ICU, NICU, Palliative Care, Cardiology, Pediatrics and Oncology, since 2009. He teaches in many Music Therapy Programs in Spain. He is also member of the Professional Music Therapy Company “MUSA, Música y Salud”, and the Vicepresident of the Association for Development and Research of Music Therapy (ADIMTE). He has been a member of the Scientific Committee of the VI National Congress Of Music Therapy in Spain and the II and the III Iberoamerican Research Congress of MT (Argentina and Spain, respectively).

Collaborative Songwriting to Improve PTSD Symptoms in Soldiers June 9th, 09:10am

    Dr. Schlesinger is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Anesthesiology and Division of Critical Care Medicine at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine. After earning his Bachelor of Arts in Music with a concentration in Jazz Piano Performance from Loyola University in New Orleans, Dr. Schlesinger earned his Doctor of Medicine degree from the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston. He completed residency training in Anesthesiology followed by a fellowship in Critical Care Medicine at Vanderbilt University. Dr. Schlesinger’s research interests include multisensory integration, human factors, aural perception, temporal precision, alarm development, patient monitoring, and medical education. This work led to the prestigious 2014 Education Specialty Award from the Society of Critical Care Medicine. His personal interests include medical mission work, playing the piano, and travel.

Internal Sounds with the External World: Peadiatric Music Therapy   June 8th 5.50 pm 

    Provide and design live music interventions to alleviate discomfort and to improve quality of life in inpatients with cancer and blood diseases. Individualized interventions are created to target specific non-musical goals that aim to improve physical, emotional, and social well-being, providing an opportunity for patients and their loved ones to be better prepared for the challenges of a cancer diagnosis.

Round Table: Music and Medicine
June 9th, 4:30pm

    Dr Fred Schwartz is an anesthesiologist at Piedmont Hospital, Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. Schwartz has over 35 years experience using and studying music therapeutically in medical settings-OR, Cardiac surgery, NICU, and L&D. He has given lectures on music & medicine in Europe, Asia, Canada, and the United States. He has had multiple appearances on CNN TV Headline News and CNN Medical News in addition to others. He is a founding member and on the board of the International Association for Music and Medicine (IAMM). Also on the board of Int. Soc. for Music in Medicine (ISMM). He currently serves on the editorial board of the peer reviewed journal Music and Medicine. He has a particular interest in the maternal-fetal dialogue as well as mother-newborn. Dr. Schwartz produced the Transitions Womb Sound series of music which has been used in NICU's around the world



Bridging Practice and Research: Music and the Neuro-Developmentally At-Risk Infant.
June 8th, 05:10pm

    Dr. Helen Shoemark is Associate Professor of Music Therapy at Temple University, USA and team leader for Sensory Experience in Early Development at Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, Australia. Her research is focused on the neurodevelopment of at-risk newborns in the context of family.

Round Table: Music and Medicine
June 9th, 4:30pm

    Ralph Spintge MD,, is Director of the Regional Pain Centre DGS at Sportklinik Hellersen; Luedenscheid Germany, lifetime Professor for MusicMedicine at Hamburg University of Music and Drama; former Adjunct Professor at the Institute for Music Research UTSA, Co-EIC Journal Music and Medicine IAMM. He conducted a series of psychophysiological studies about anxioalgolytic effects of music in medical settings at various Universities such as Hirosaki/Japan, Vienna/Austria, Rotterdam/The Netherlands, New South Wales State Conservatorium of Music Sydney/Australia, and several german university hopitals. He published numerous articles and 22 books. He is President of the Int. Soc. for Music in Medicine ISMM, honorary member of IAMM, Board Member Skille-Lehikoinen Center for Vibroacoustic Research VIBRAC University of Jyväskylä, member of the Int.Assoc.for the Study of Pain IASP, German Society for Medical Psychology, Honorary Member of the MusicTherapy Association of Catalonia/Spain.


​Active Music Engagement and Improvisation to Enhance Arousal and Disinhibition
June 9th, 5:50 pm.

    Dr. Concetta Tomaino is the Executive Director/ co-founder of the Institute for Music and Neurologic Function which was established in 1995 to bridge the worlds of neuroscience and clinical music therapy.
    Her work and research in music therapy spans 4 decades with particular interest in music and memory as well movement and speech disorders related to stroke and/or Parkinson’s Disease.
    Her work has been featured in the media, documentaries and in books on health and healing. Dr. Sacks book Musicophilia is dedicated to her.
    Dr. Tomaino is Past-President of the American Association for Music Therapy, Vice President of IAMM. She is an Associate of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Adjunct Professor at Lehman College, CUNY.


Effectiveness of Group SchwartzMusic and Imagery Treatment with Fibromyalgia Women.
June 8th, 01:00pm

    Esperanza Torres Serna is a Phd in Music-therapy from Aalborg University (Denmak).
    Her educational training includes a Psychology Degree, and a Post Graduate Certificate of Education for teaching in Elementary School. She completed her postgraduate studies in Music-therapy, and Family Therapy. Later she specialised in BMGIM therapy and in 2014 obtained her Teacher Training Diploma.
    She works in private practice as a GIM psychotherapist and verbal therapy, both with children and adults, focusing on emotional disorders, problems in relationships and communication within the family.
    Currently, she is Director of the Master of Music Therapy at the Musica , Arte y Proceso Institute, and director and Primary Trainer of the BMGIM training programme at IMAP in Vitoria- Gasteiz (Spain).
    She supervises master thesis of the students registered in the Music therapy Programme of Aalborg University, as well as other final degree projects.
    She has presented his clinical work and his advances in research in various national and international forums and has published several articles in specialized music therapy books and in the Guided Imagery and Music (GIM) method.


Round Table: MT & Medicine in Spain, New Challenges

June 9th 04:30pm


    Joan Carles Trallero Fort (Barcelona, 1961)
    Bachelor of Medicine (University of Barcelona, 1985)
    Family Medicine Certification (University of Barcelona, 1.989)
    Master in Palliative Care (University of Barcelona, Institut Català D'Oncologia, 2.009)
    Graduate Certificate in Spiritual Accompaniment (University Ramón Llull of Barcelona, Fundació Vidal i Barraquer, 2.012).
    Founder of Paliaclinic (currently Suanity), a pioneer company in palliative care at home in the private sector, where I’m working as a palliative care consultant.
    Founder and president of Fundación Paliaclinic, a non-profit organization that gives support to the most vulnerable at the end of life.
    Public speaker, lecturer and trainer on topics related to end of life.
    Author of the book "Destellos de luz en el camino".


June 8th 08:30am

    Completed his studies in „cultural sciences“, „action research“ and „social- & cultural anthropology“ at the Universities of Klagenfurt & Vienna. He did his Habilitation in the field of Cultural- & Socialanthroplogy at the University of Vienna. Gerhard Tucek is Professor at the IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems / Austria. Currently he holds the position of a Director of the „Institute for Therapeutic Sciences“ as well as of the „Josef Ressel (Research) Center for personalized music therapy“ According to Austrian Federal Law he is a registered music therapist. His main clinical working fields are Intensiv Care Unit, Neurological and Cardiological rehabilitation and Cancer treatment.


Design of a Brief Instrument for Evaluation of Music Therapy Interventions in Women with Fibromyalgia. CACFEM

June 8th, 12:30pm

    - Doctor. Pontifical University of Salamanca (Spain)
    - Bachelor’s Degree of Music Therapy. University of El Salvador (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
    - Master in Research in Human and Social Sciences. Pontifical University of Salamanca
    - Master in Music Therapy. Pontifical University of Salamanca. Accredited as supervisor by the CAEMT-AEMP.
    - Music therapist at the AFIBROSAL Association of Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue of Salamanca.
    - Music therapist at the AFIBE Association of Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue of Benavente (Zamora)
    - Music therapist at the ADAVAS Association of Women and children victims of sexual abuse of Salamanca.
    - Music therapist in the Benavente city council with children with disabilities (Zamora) - Professor and researcher of music therapy.
    - Author of the book: Music Therapy in People with Fibromyalgia. Ed. La Casita de Paz.


How Music can Reinforce the Medical Education June 9th, 12:00pm

    Patravoot Vatanasapt, MD, MS, is a head and neck surgeon and cancer epidemiologist who is passionated about using music in his clinical practice, currently appointed as the head of the Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Faculty of medicine, Khon Kaen University. He graduated in medical degree from Khon Kaen University, Board of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery from Chulalongkorn University, Thailand; and master degree in cancer epidemiology from Harvard School of Public Health, USA. He started applying music in cancer patients, especially laryngeal cancer, undergoing total laryngectomy, and he initiated the integrative music program for comprehensive rehabilitation for patients with laryngeal cancer. He also invented the “tracheomelodica” for pulmonary rehabilitation in laryngectomized patients. In addition, he has facilitated the uses of music for health in various settings as well as in medical education for professional development. He has introduced music medicine to the medical communities in Thailand through lectures and workshops for physicians, health care personnel, as well as medical students. He is among the founding members of the International Association for Music and Medicine (IAMM), former secretary, vice president, and currently the President of IAMM.


Effects of Music Interventions on Stress-related Outcomes June 9th 8.30am



    Martina de Witte, MA, MT-BC, NMT, is lecturer and researcher in Music Therapy and coordinator of Research & Innovation at the Institution of Arts Therapies of HAN University of Applied Sciences in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. She is a senior certified music therapist at STEVIG (The Netherlands); a mental health institution for psychiatric treatment to people with mild intellectual disabilities. In partnership with the University of Amsterdam and the research group KenVak, she is running a PhD program. Her PhD program is focused on the effect of music (therapy) on arousal regulation in people with mild intellectual disabilities and stress related problems. The meta-analysis which is central in this presentation is one of the studies of this PhD program and offers a comprehensive overview of the effect of music interventions on stress regulation. Main focus of her work is to bring together the latest scientific evidence about the effects of music on stress regulation with everyday practice of music therapists and other professionals.


Music Therapy and Cardiology: Interfaces in Different Settings  June 8th, 04:30pm


    Professor, Researcher and Coordinator of the Bachelor of Music Therapy, Permanent Professor and Ex-Coordinator of the Master in Music and Coordinator of the NEPEV- UFG (Center for Teaching, Research and Extension in Aging) at UFG (Federal University of Goiás, Brazil). Music therapist. PhD in Health Sciences (2009), Master in Music (2002), Specialist in Music Therapy in Special Education (1995), Specialist in Music Therapy in Mental Health (1999), Bachelor in Instrument - Piano (1984), all by UFG. Bachelor in Management (1985). Specialist in Gerontology by SBGG (Gerontology and Geriatric Brazilian Society). Ex-Chair and Member of current Research and Ethics Commission of the World Federation of Music Therapy (2014-17 and 2017-20). President of the Department of Gerontology at Goiás Section of the SBGG-GO (2014-16 and 2016-18). She received training in Neurological Music Therapy from the Center for Biomedical Research in Music (Colorado State University). She has been invited to lectures and workshops on Music, Musical Cognition and Music Therapy in Health, with emphasis in Gerontology; Cardiology, mainly Hypertension; Therapeutic Choir, Group Process, Research and Teaching.


Daring to Dream:  The Use of Songs with an Adolescent with Cerebral Palsy 

June 9th 12:30pm

    Jing-wen Zhang currently is a music therapist at Mental Health Services of Beijing Normal University. Jing-wen received B.A. in major of music therapy at Central Conservatory of Music (Beijing, China). She studied in graduate program of music therapy at SUNY New Paltz (NY, U.S.), followed with an internship and a research fellowship at the Louis Armstrong Center for Music and Medicine at Mount Sinai Beth Israel in New York City. Jing-wen passionately returned Beijing to explore the model of medical music psychotherapy’s application in China. She has served clients with neurological diseases as well as teenagers and adults who have diverse psychological needs and mind-body discordant. Jing-wen authored and co-authored articles which were published on international journals and a Chinese journal. She had presented in the conferences of American Music Therapy Association. Jing-wen was an invited speaker of the 4th International Conference of International Association of Music and Medicine (Beijing, China). She was a general secretary of the past IAMM Conference in Beijing, which was a successful event. Jing-wen is starting her Ph. D life at Temple University in Fall 2017.

June 9th 12:00pm

    Yinan Zhang MA,RMT is a music therapist and the coordinator of the Neurologic and Mental Rehabilitation Program at Music Therapy Center in Wuxi Tongren International Hospital. She used to be an International Scholar at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York, during that time, she is mainly engaged in clinical and research of music therapy application in cancer and palliative care. She holds a MA in Music Therapy from Barcelona University and BM both in Communication in International music and cultural from Dalian University of Foreign Languages and Hispanic literature, art from University of Rovira Y Virgili in Spain. Yinan practices through an integrative approach implementing music-centered music body psychotherapy with cancer patient and caregiver-centered care. She also conducts individual and group neurologic music therapy session for patient in post stroke rehabilitation, Parkinson ,COPD and dementia in China.