SATURDAY, 9th JUNE, 2018
Technical Secretariat


Pick up Documentation
Music, Vibration, Frequencies - the Stuff, the Universe Is Made of
Chair: Amy Clements-Cortes
Vera Brandes
Vibroacoustic Therapy in a Medical Setting – Planning, Clinical Practice, and
Speaker: Esa Ala-Ruona
Clinical Music Therapy in Special Educational Needs
Speaker: Silvio Feliciani, Daniela Mameli, Sonia Coletta, Francesca D’Epifanio, Veronica D’Eramo, Vittoria Marcucci and Antonella Nastasia.
10.30-11.00 Coffee Break
Plenary Session 2: MT for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (CFS/ME) Following Epstein-Barr Virus Infection in Adolescents
Speaker: Gro Trondalen
Redefining Autism: from disability to talent - How music therapy can help reveal the hidden potential of people on the Autism Spectrum.
Chair: Vera Brandes
Núria Escudé & Fabrizio Acanfora
Voice of the Dying: Clinical Case Study of Current Themes in Palliative Care
Speaker: Amy Clemens-Cortes
MT in the treatment of depression: Enhancing emotion expression and regulation skills
through musical exploration and play
Speaker: Marko Punkanen
13.30-14.30 Lunch
Oral Communications

Chair: Jing-Wen Zhang

O 63 Music study and intervention quality assessment scale (Musiquas) 1st edition, Artur Jaschke

O 64 Translating Neuroscientific Concepts Like the Mirror Neuron System for Graduate Music Majors, Kay Norton

O 65 Addressing trauma with clients in eating disorder treatment using GIM: Complexities, contraindications, and case illustrations, Annie Heiderscheit

O 66 Music therapy and music medicine across the continuum of cardiac care: A framework of studies for primary and secondary prevention, Alison Short

O 67 Singing and Vocal Interventions in Palliative and Cancer Care: Music Therapists’ Perceptions of Usage, Amy Clements-Cortes

O 69 Evaluation of emotional distress treatment with music therapy in a palliative care unit, Rochsane Taghikhani

O 70 Interactive music therapy as a non-pharmacological sedative for children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia receiving PICC, Yun Wen , Zhengyao Guo, Tingting Zhang , Yan-lai Tang

O 72 From the Bottom to the Top - Music Therapy as a Support for Pediatric Osteosarcoma Patients, Pin-Chun Lu

Round Table: MT & its implementation in the hospitals and day centers
Chair: M. Rosa Gutiérrez
Jose Mª Otín, Pau Gimeno, Esperanza Torres, Sheila Pereiro, M. Rosa Gutiérrez, Jordi Craven & Mauro
Closing Musical Ceremony

Gospel with Erwyn Seerutton as the director of the  group formed by first-year Master Music Therapy students

Bodypercussion with Santi Serratosa and students of the first Master of Music Therapy

Music Therapists Band of second-year students Master Music Therapy directed by professors Tamir Satorra (percussion), Jordi Ruíz (electric bass ) and Isabel Muniente (keyboards
Room A1
Contributions of the MT to the Recovery of Eating Disorders
Speaker: Diana Guelar, Paula Hernández & Karina Ferrari
Collaborative songwriting to improve PTSD symptoms in soldiers
Speaker: Joseph J. Schlesinger
Music-emotional behaviour in schizophrenic patients – from basic research to
applied music therapy
Speaker: Susanne Bauer
10.30-11.00 Coffee Break
Daring to Dream: The Use of Songs with an Adolescent with Cerebral Palsy
Speaker: Jing-Wen Zhang
Exploration of Music Therapy in Interdisciplinary Cooperation in Rehabilitation
Speaker: Yinan Zhang and Gui Bing
Music-centered Music Therapy for Acquired Brain Injury Rehabilitation
Speaker: Marcela Lichtensztejn
13.30-14.30 Lunch
Special session for students. Music therapy association in Europe: Looking for integration
Speakers: Ana Cunha

Oral Communications

Chair: Marcela Lichtensztejn

O 39 ‘CareMusLy’ – Songwriting in the Treatment of Psychosis, Andrea Volpini

O 40 Application Music Dialogue to Chinese Eating Disorder Patients, Xiaona Niu

O 41The use of voice in group music therapy for mental health patients: rethinking the importance and role of clinical improvisation, Irene Pujol

O 42 The ‘sound mask’ of depression: The effect of depression on musical expression, Nerdinga Letulė

O 43 Forest music therapy – an experimental study in the treatment of psychosis, Andrea Volpini

O 44 Music, Maestro, Please: Thalamic multisensory integration in music perception, processing and production , Artur Jaschke

O 45 Music Therapy in stroke rehabilitation, Lourdes Forn Villanova , Sergi Muñiz Fortuny

O 31 Music therapy in cardiac rehabilitation unit, Miguel Ángel Diví Castellón, Loreto Caso Gracia, Alexis García Martí

O 47 Rhythmic Reading Training: A novel rhythm-based intervention program for dislexia, Alice Cancer, Alessandro Antonietti

O 49 Music Therapy Services in Neurorehabilitation: An International Survey, Napak Pakdeesatitwara, Jeanette Tamplin

Round Table: MT &; Medicine in Spain, new challenge
Speakers: Josep Planas, Núria Escudé, Álex March, Alicia Lorenzo, Joan Carles Trallero & Daniel Padilha

Room A4
Effects of Music Interventions on Stress-related Outcomes
Chair: Andrew Rossetti
Martina de Witte
Managing Stress and Pain through Music Therapy
Speaker: Susanne Hanser
Music Therapy for Neurorehabilitation in Patients with Parkinson's Disease
Speaker: Tereza Raquel Alcántara Silva
10.30-11.00 Coffee Break
Music Therapy in ICU: A qualitative research focussed in patients, family
caregivers and health professionals
Chair: Eric Baumann
Diego Salamanca
Music Therapy in the ICU: Tuning Silence
Speaker: Sheila Pereiro
Economic Evaluation of Patient-Directed Music in the ICU
Speakers: Annette Heiderscheit
Oral Communications

O 50 Guqin and Calligraphy for Mind-Body-Brain Health of Insomnia, Miranda Fung

O 51 Study on the effectiveness of music therapy on anxiety and the feeling of loneliness, Anna Giménez-Castells, Jordi Angel Jauset-berrocal, Diana Sastre-Ten

O 52 Development of method: Facilitated music listening for stress management during invasive cardiac procedure Stine Camilla Blichfeldt-Ærø

O 53 Vibroacoustic treatment and self-care for chronic pain and its comorbidities: A pilot study, Elsa Campbell, Jouko Hynynen , Esa Ala-Ruona ,

O 54 Music therapy for improving performance anxiety in musicians, Ana Carolina Steinkopf, Tereza Raquel M.-Alcantara-Silva , Mayara Kelly Alves- RIibeiro , Rafael Ramirez-Melendez

O 55 Music as sleep aid: Can music remedy sleep problems?, Kira Vibe Jespersen, Marit Otto, Morten Kringelbach , Eus Van Someren , Peter Vuust

O 56 MUSIC CARE®: An innovative digital music therapy application used in the management of chronic pain, Stéphane Guétin, Jacques Touchon

O 57 Sedative Fear: How Music Accesses The Unconsciousness of An Adolescent MDS Patient undergoing Bone Marrow Transplant: A Case Report, Shih-Chung Wang , Chia-Yi Liou

O 58 Vibroacoustic treatment and facial rejuvenation. A pilot study. Jorge Zain

O 60 Perioperative music reduces anxiety and pain in adults: A systematic review and metaanalysis, Pim Oomens, Ryan Billar

O 61 An exploratory study of the role of music therapy in a Hospital Out Patient Chronic Pain Clinic, Katie Fitzpatrick , Dominic Harmon , Hilary Moss

Round Table: Music & Medicine
Chair: Andrew Rossetti
Fred Schwartz, Ralph Spintge, Stephan Quentzel & Stéphane Guétin